1. We are honest and dependable and most importantly we CARE ABOUT YOU.

2. We was chosen as "Best Pressure Washing Company" by the Crossville Chronicle Reader Choice Award. :)

3. We take pride in every job we do whether it's big or small. It has to be PERFECT before we feel its complete.

4. We have all the equipment to do the job right whether it's roof cleaning or just window cleaning.

5. We give a 3 - 5 year WRITTEN warranty with EVERY roof cleaning. (NO ONE DOES THAT AROUND HERE.)

6. Just read the CUSTOMER FEEDBACKS. There are years of comments and that shows CONSISTENCY.

7. We carry a 2 MILLION DOLLAR INSURANCE POLICY and both units has a copy in the trucks for you to view.

8. Our team of 6 has 1000's of hours of experience in the pressure washing business. We know what we are doing.

9. We are the "SOFTWASH SPECIALIST" that uses scrubbing bubbles to kill the mold. 100% Bio-degradable and safe.

10. The # 10 reason why you should hire us to clean for you is....You will be ABSOLUTELY happy that you called us. 

Where do we clean?

• Individual Homes

• Multi-Unit Properties

• Hotels

• Restaurants

• Large Commercial Buildings

• Office Complexes

• You Name It, we will clean it,

   all you have to do is ask.        

What do we clean?

• Vinyl Siding, Brick & Stucco

Wood or Log Cabins

• Commercial Building - Exteriors

• Concrete & Natural Stone

• Gutters

• Roof Cleaning

• Graffiti Removal

• Wood and Composite Decking

• All Types of Fencing

• Heavy Equipment

Who do we serve?

• Homeowners

• Property Managers

• HOA's

• Store Managers

• Business Owners

• Commercial & Industrial Sites

• Contractors

• Restaurants, Pubs - HOT WATER

Gas Stations - HOT WATER

    Pressure Pro Power Washing has been in service since 2009 and take's pride in offering exterior property cleaning for COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL clients. Professional power washing and roof cleaning services at its best, from Cookeville to the

marble city of Knoxville which includes Putnum, Cumberland, Roane, White, Morgan and Knox counties.


while providing excellent customer service. Whether you need your windows cleaned or your entire house washed,

we are the company that will do it and do it well.

                                       Our RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL services focus on providing the customer with a wide

                                        range of services. We attend to the spring and fall cleaning task that gives your property a

                                           "refreshing facelift". We offer many techniques and services that will safely complete the cleaning

                                             project. Pressure washing is one of the most affordable and simplest ways to increase your home and a                                               good way to prevent cost, time, and trouble of future repairs. Having your house, driveway, deck and roof

                                             cleaned to increases the value of your home and helps protect your largest investment.

                                            Our RESIDENTIAL and COMERCIAL services include complete power washing or cleaning of the following:                                              House Washing with Vinyl Siding, Gutter and Downspout Cleaning - (Make old gutter look BRAND NEW GUARANTEED), Window Cleaning (inside and out), "NO PRESSURE" Roof Cleaning (Removes Roof Algae - Black stains on Roof), Concrete Cleaning (Driveways, Walkways, etc), Rust Stain Remover (Watch our video on this...AMAZING!), Brick and Block Power Washing, Deck Cleaning and or Wood Restoration, and much more. We take pride in our work. Our goal is to create results that will reflect the best possible professional image that your residential/business deserves. It is a goal that we personally GUARANTEE. Pressure Pro Power Washing is the ONLY company in Crossville that specializes in pressure washing and our "NO PRESSURE" soft wash system for roof cleaning. Yes, there are others that might do daily pressure washing as well as cut your grass, paint your walls, fix your plumbing, change your oil in your car and even get a beer for you. Although we would get you a beer, we wouldn't do anything else other than pressure washing. We are not a "do it all" company. That's why we specialize in this field. We want to concentrate on one field and not many so we can be the BEST. One more reason to call us for your pressure washing needs. Call the PROFESSIONALS, CALL US!

Our Picture of the Year

Look at the picture to the right. As you can see at the edge of each shingle you can see MOSS. This is growth from the ROOF MOLD. The same picture you can see where we sprayed the SCRUBBING BUBBLES on the left side of the roof, all the ROOF MOLD and MOSS is gone. Once you start to have ROOF MOLD you will start to grow MOSS at the edges of the shingles. (it don't take long for this to happen) Once this happens then you are going to start having problems like deformed shingles, leaks, cracked shingles, etc. That's cause the MOSS will grow under the shingles which in return start to lift the shingles. Our SCRUBBING BUBBLES will prevent any growth and will instantly KILL the MOSS and make your shingles look BRAND NEW like the picture to the left. This will save you from spending THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in the long run and extend the life of the shingles.

Our Video of the Year

Need GUTTERS cleaned? Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE

MOSS on my ROOF....OHNO!

Watch this video and see us remove the MOSS from this roof. There is not a lot of MOSS but you can see what it does and how we can help you if you have MOSS or even ROOF MOLD (Gloeocapsa Magma). The picture shows half of a roof sprayed with SCRUBBING BUBBLES and you can see what happens when the MOSS dies.

Some of our Commercial Customers

Unlike other handy man/pressure washing companies in our area we just don't say

we do commercial properties...we show you what properties we have cleaned.

Need your commercial property cleaned?

Call us who have a PROVEN record at the numbers above for a FREE ESTIMATE.

In March 2018 Dollar General Stores contacted us to clean their sidewalks. This was a BIG break for us. We are now servicing Dollar Generals in north central Tennessee.

In August 2017 Happy Hound Reality in Fairfield Glade called us to

clean their office building. That was a late night since we couldn't

clean it until after they closed. Now its clean for all the agents.

In July 2017 Cove Storage in Monterey, Tn called us about cleaning their storage buildings. We cleaned them the next week and not the buildings looks NEW.

Im June 2017 Super Gas Station on N. Willow Ave Cookeville called us cause they seen how well of a job we did at the Cookeville Marathon. We was glad to clean them up. Now everyone there is happy to have a clean gas station to go too.

Im May 2017 The Cookeville Marathon South Jefferson and Interstate Dr called us to clean their gas station. We was glad we could clean them up so the customers have a cleaner place to get morning coffee We ended up getting another gas station and a hotel after they seen what we could do for them.

In May 2017 Dave Kirk Automotive called us to clean their building.

It's bigger than you think but we was able to clean

it on the only day they was closed...SUNDAY.

We had both units out there and now everything is clean as a whistle.

In April 2017 Crossville Mayor James Mayberry also the owner of Mayberry's Furniture called us about his ROOF MOLD on the house.

We cleaned it and now he has a new looking roof after

we used our "NO PRESSURE" Soft Wash system.

In March 2017 Bill, the owner of BED & BISCUIT KENNEL in

Fairfield Glade called us to look at the ROOF MOLD.

We did the job on a SUNDAY only because it was the best time to do it

considering all the traffic Bill gets throughout the week.

We was glad to give him a NEW LOOKING ROOF.

In March 2017 Fairfield Glade Community Church called us to clean their steeple on the church. The steeple was as black as a burnt hot dag but now it's shinny white. The congregation will definitely notice the difference.

In March 2017 radio station WIHG 105.7 The Hog called us to do some cleaning on their building.  We made their roof look like new and cleaned all their sidewalks and curbs.

Now everyone there has a clean place to ROCK-N-ROLL.

In February 2017 The Lantana Baptist Church called us to clean their LARGE church on Lantana Rd. Now the whole congregation has a clean church to visit any day of the week.

In November 2016 JR Special Delivery on Woodlawn Ave called us to clean their commercial building. It has never been cleaned. Now it looks BRAND NEW. 

In November 2016 the Christian Academy of the Cumberland on Braun St. called us to clean their newly acquired  swing set. We went and looked

at it and it wasn't much of a problem so we told them we would be glad to

clean it at NO CHARGE. Well, they didn't have to but they paid us anyway...

All the preschoolers wrote us a THANK YOU letter.

Needless to say that was worth a 1000 bucks.

Your welcome guys. We was honored that you CALLED US.

In October 2016 Brooks from Plateau Office Supply contacted us and wanted the building cleaned. We scheduled on a Saturday since they are closed on Saturday. They have a clean building now since they called us. Visit them if you need office supplies. They have been there since 1971. 

In July 2016 we was contacted by Dr. Vincent Longobardo's

office to clean their building located in Crossville

We was glad to help them out. Now its clean inside and out.

In July 2016 we received a call from

Bucky Burke Home Improvements 931-510-1941

to help pressure wash Highland Vet Clinic in Crossville.

We was glad to help out so the pet lover

have a nice clean doctors office to go to. 

In March 2016 Tom Flynn of Flynn Signs in Crossville, Tn called

us to clean his HUGE and I mean HUGE driveway.

We completed the job as scheduled even though it was a bad stormy weather day.

Mr. Flynn arrived home that day and had a VERY clean driveway.

In Febuary 2016 The Beef and Barrel called us to do some cleaning on their new addition to the restaurant which is going to be an old irish railroad pub.

We was glad they called us so we could help them prepare to open their new addition.

In November 2015 Dave Kirk Of Dave Kirk Automotive Chevrolet called us about his ROOF MOLD on his beautiful home. We was glad we could have it done before the holidays and now it looks NEW.

In November 2015 we cas asked by S&W Pools and Spas to come in and finish cleaning the mess up after the painter tried to remove the old

paint on thier building. We was glad to help out and now the building

is ready for a new facelift after we helped clean it up.

In October 2015 the Homestead United Methodist Church called

us to clean their church. We was glad to do it and now

it's bright white including the 2 signs in the front.

In October 2015 we was called by Stonehenge Villas Townhomes.

They wanted to use our services once again after last year we cleaned all

32 Condos. This time we cleaned 4 condoes that had ROOF MOLD and cleaned out all gutters of the 32 condos. We was glad we could help for the second year in a row. Looking forward to the next time they call.

In September 2015 Woodlawn United Methdist Church contacted us to

clean their church. We are honored to be able to come in and clean the

vinyl including the VERY HIGH steeple. Now the church goers has a

clean place to worship on a bright Sunday afternoon.

In September 2015 we was recommended by Holiday Express to Comfort Suites. Comfort Suites called us to clean the walkway and canopy pad

out in front of the building. We also did the back patio. Now the

swimmers has a clean patio to have a nice cocktail on a sunny day. :)

 In August 2015 the Plateau Creative Art Center in Fairfield Glade called us after one of their members  had recommended us after cleaning their house. We cleaned the building including the deck and sidewalk.   

In August 2015 we cleaned all of the sidewalks including underneith the canopy for Holiday Inn Express at Peavine & I-40 before going into Failfield Glade, Tn. Now everyone has a clean walking path.

In June 2015 Wyatts Investments, owner of Good Time liquor store contacted us to clean their bulding off of Interstate Dr. here in Crossville.

As you can see the before and after resaults.

After                      Before

As you can see in the pictures how dirty these commercial buildings

were. If you have a commercial building in need of cleaning call us for a FREE ESTIMATE.

In May 2015 at McCulley's Siding and Windows on W. 1st St. in Crossville

we was here to clean up for their yearly open house.

Glad we was able to make everything look good for Mr. McCulley.

In July 2014 and June 2017 we finished the Stonehendge Villas Townhomes in

Fairfield Glade, Tn. That consisted of 32 condos and 32 driveways including all the curbs and some decksSo if we can handle this project we certainly can handle yours.

Give us a call for a FREE estimate.

One of our clients is the Crossville Chronicle Newspaper located on West Ave. They are one of several large business in the area that we service. Even though they are a LARGE business they are no different to us than a home owner that needs a small driveway done. All of our custimers are LARGE. So, if you need something 

cleaned call us no matter how small it is. We will treat you LARGE.

Crossville Chronicle Newspaper building on West Ave. 

This is a STUCCO wall that alot of new homes has now a days.

We use our "NO PRESSURE" system to clean this building.

BEFORE                                                                                          AFTER

Roof Mold GONE at The Druid Landing condos in Fairfield Glade.

12 condos had ROOF MOLD and we was glad to remove it.

BEFORE                                                                                               AFTER

We strive to leave your world cleaner than we found it!