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Exterior House Washing


One of the most common questions I get asked is "How

many PSIis that thing?" Well the PSI can go up to 4500, but 

that much pressure is rarely used. The fact is that nearly any

surface is cleaned more safely and effectively with good old

hard work. We dont "pressure wash" a house, we use our



PLANTS. We use this method so we can get in every single

crack and cranny possible. Some pressure washing companies refer to this as soft washing. When cleaning the exterior of any home weather it is brick, vinyl, T-111, hardy board, stucco or any other texture, this is the process any experienced professional will use. It may take us a few minutes longer you would think but actually it's faster than pressure washing it. It is not good for any home exterior to blast away at it with high pressure, it can damage wood, blow out window seals, strip good paint and chip away at bricks and grout. Be careful who you hire to pressure wash your home. If they are a "we do it all" company they may do more harm than good.

Pressure Washing, Power Washing

Roof Cleaning using our soft wash system

Click                                 to learn more about it.

Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning

People are often surprised when they see how clean

their driveway and walkways look after a professional

pressure washing. With commercial grade equipment

the results of concrete cleaning are very uniformed

and bright. Many of the homeowners tell me that they

actually own a pressure washer, but it would take

them a whole Saturday to clean the driveway and it

does not look as clean as when we clean it. Plus, in

several months you will see the imperfection of the

human hand cause it will show the pressure washing lines inyour driveway. It is also important to know how much pressure to use when doing concrete.

Stucco Siding - Soft Wash System


Home owners often call and are concerned about us cleaning stucco siding. Since it is soft material they are concerned about pressure washing it. We do not pressure wash stucco siding. We do what is called a "soft wash" application. It is the same system we use when we clean roofs. It's a "no pressure" wash system that has about the same PSI that a garden hose has. Click HERE to read more about our soft wash system.

Gutter Cleaning


Our gutter cleaning procedures will remove all of the debris from your gutter system. We make sure the down spouts are flowing free with our air testing method. This method is very efficient. Gutter cleaning almost always requires the use of ladders to access the roof. Heights are no problem for Pressure Pro Power Washing. We are professionals and do this type of cleaning on a daily to weekly basis. Clean and unclogged gutters are very important to the integrity of your property. During a rainstorm, gutters route runoff water from a homes roof to where it can drain away from the house. By doing so, they protect siding, windows, doors, and foundations from water damage and help prevent flooding in basements.

 To function properly, gutters and downspouts must regularly be cleared of leaves and debris. If they aren’t, drain outlets will dam up and rainwater will fill the gutters, back up, overflow, and eventually pull gutters loose from their mountings. Water that pools in troughs will rot wood gutters and rust sheet metal ones. If your gutters are not regularly maintained it could cost you a small fortune in repairs down the road. If you also have BLACK stain on the side or bottom of your gutters we will use a special solution made to remove those stains. These stains are cause by the electric static in the air which cuases these stains to form on the outside of your gutters. Pressure washing, soap, bleach, etc will not remove these stains 100%. What we order from a pressure washing supply company in GA will remove these stains. Remember we will only use BIO-DEGRADABLE solutions that is 100% COMPLETLY SAFE TO ANIMALS AND PLANTS. 

Ceder or Hemlock Homes


We treat ceder and hemlock homes including log homes and roofing with our bio-degradeable cleaning product that is completely safe to the wood. Our cleaner is non-chlorene beach based. Our cleaner attacts the mold or dark stains just like scrunning bubbles in your bathroom. In our 2014 customer comments we have posted a before and after video. Video speaks for it's self. Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE!

Decks and Porches - Wood or Composite

To clean decks and porches we use our "no pressure" soft wash system. Sicne you don't want to use pressure on decking board because that would remove all of the oils inside to wood that protects the boards and would cause the boards to dry out prematurally. Go to our video page and watch some of our videos including "Hemlock wood siding on 127 south Crossville, Tn" video that shows a wood deck cleaned and you can see how our soft wash system works. Cleaning wood and composite decks or porches is extremely important. To keep your deck, porches, fence, and pergolas looking new for many years, our company suggests cleaning them atleast every 2 years. Wood surfaces should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years. You should have them sealed, without this maintenance, the wood dries out from UV rays, rain, and snow. This leads to wood splitting, warping, and rotting, which could lead to costly repairs. Feel free to contact us with any concerns and will be glad to guide you in the right direction. 

Rust Removal


Rust Stains, Fertilizer Rust Stains, Irrigation Rust Stains, Metal Furniture Rust Stains and Battery Acid Stains Lake Water can ruin an otherwise perfect looking home. Rust Stains and other types of stains can be just about impossible to remove without damaging the surface that they are on, especially Concrete, unless you have the proper cleaning agents that are not only safe for the surface but actually work. There are a lot of chemicals sold at hardware stores and to contractors that not only do not work but actually cause damage to the surfaces they are applied to and in a lot of cases, make the rust stains worse than they were before trying to clean them.
One thing many people and uneducated contractors will mention to use is Muriatic Acid, it is commonly available and for some unknown reason is widely used even though it literally eats the concrete surface it is applied to and it is very dangerous to use, especially if you don’t have experience using this very strong acid, don’t wear safety glasses, gloves, and chemical resistant clothing when using it. We use a BIO-DEGRADABLE solution that is 100% COMPLETLY SAFE TO ANIMALS AND PLANTS rust removal that is actuaally made from a South America plant. One thing that people should know about Muriatic Acid, it eats the concrete away, it does not clean the concrete and in some cases, it makes the stain a lot worse than what it originally was because it does not clean the surface, it eats the surface of the concrete away. Until recently there have not been a lot of rust removal chemicals that worked for different types of rust stains so you had to keep many on hand for the different cleaning situations which makes the cleaning job more expensive to do since there is not one cleaning solution that will do all types of rust stains. Now there is a cleaning solution that will clean more types of stains on concrete so that helps a lot but the best part is that this new cleaning solution will remove the battery acid rust stain which has been just about impossible to remove, even with the best types and strongest cleaners available for professional contractors. This is great news for the people that have those types of stains from the golf cars, lawn equipment, automobiles, Concrete Driveways to Vynle Siding.



Wood fences and vinyl fencing are cleaned with low pressure after being first treated with a BIO-DEGRADABLE solution that is 100% COMPLETLY SAFE TO ANIMALS AND PLANTS . Fences look like new again after a low pressure chemical treatment and rinse. We apply a mildecide that is just strong enough to kill any mold and algae that may be present. Next we rinse your fence with low pressure to safely restore it to a like new appearance.

Pool Decks

Pool decks are one of the items we clean most. If you've never had a

professional pressure washing of your pool deck you are missing out.

We can pretty much make it like new again. It's your own little paradise, keep it looking nice. If your pool is enclosed we can also clean the aluminum screen structure

Oxidation on Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is a siding material that is preferred by many homeowners because of its low maintenance and durability, but vinyl siding and trim require yearly cleaning to remove dirt, mildew stains and grime. A chalky white substance on your vinyl siding and trim is caused by oxidation, which occurs most often during damp or wet weather. Oxidation is caused by years of neglect by not cleaning it on a regular basis. It tends to show up more on the sunnier side where the sun beat down on the vinyl. Vinyl siding should be cleaned yearly and no more than every other year to prevent oxidation. Oxidation can be removed but is very labor intensive and a lot of man hour and should be done by someone in the restoration business. 

You may not see the oxidation until you have washed your house because there is dirt and mildew over top of the oxidation. Once you remove the dirt and mildew the oxidation tend to show up more prevalent. Oxidation does not happen to all vinyl. There are different grades of vinyl and of course the cheaper vinyl you have, the more likely you will see it. The videos below explains more about the oxidation for those that don't understand this may help. If you would like us to remove the oxidation and since it is such an intense operation to remove it we will charge $75 an hour minimum of 4 hours. Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE.

We strive to leave your world cleaner than we found it!